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ViOffice: Workstation Training

An office workstation game.  The main character, Jessie, is a hard-working finance assistant.  However, with poor workstation set up, the harder Jessie works the more she is unhappy, sore, slouched, and visibly fatigued.  Everything is wrong about her workstation ergonomics! Participants learn the fundamentals of sound workstation set-up and have the opportunity to arrange Jessie's office workstation equipment so that her work postures and movements improve, her symptoms resolve, and she is a happier, productive worker!  Make a wrong move and watch Jessie's agitation grow...

This is a perfect, short, snappy, fun and interactive learning media that organisations may introduce to their employees to meet safety training obligations for new hire and annual screening.  Managers receive real-time reporting to know which worker by department has engaged with the training, whether they learned anything new, and their satisfaction with the module.  If discomfort symptoms are unresolved the business can make a decision for referral for customised expert assessment from a health care or safety professional of their choice.